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Project Description

A strong-typed library class based on OOXML SDK 2.0, to create Xlsx files

About XOOX

Xoox is a library to help creating Spreadsheet document based on the Open XML format
It can be useful on projects to create reports on fly that can be viewed or edited by Microsoft Excel 2007 program or any other that can read .Xlsx file format.


DotNet Framework 3.5

Open XML SDK 2.0

If you dont have Microsoft Office Excel 2007 but earlier version (2000, XP or 2003) you can still open Xlsx document

Download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats

What XOOX do:

  • Create an Xlsx document and save it as file or output stream
  • Insert into a cell a number or a string a boolean or date value
  • Insert into a cell a formula
  • Selection of multiple cells ( ex. sheet["A1:C5"] )
  • Merge cells
  • Set sheet margins

Additional info will be available on my experimental site.

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