Opening existing Excel spreadsheets


Open XML SDK provides only one level of objects to access the Excel spreadsheets. If a string has to be inserted into a cell using Open XML SDK, it needs a lot of code using XML manipulation. I noticed that this XOOX project provides the capabilities to insert data into the Cells using objects instead of trying to write using XML's. But I also noticed that XOOX project can be used only to create new spreadsheets and add new sheets to insert data. Does this not provide ability to open existing Excel files and insert data into the Cells? Ability to open existing Excel spreadsheets is needed to both write and read the data from the Excel spreadsheets. Is this part of the future enhancements for XOOX project? Thank you.


Damiano wrote Jul 22, 2008 at 5:15 PM

Yes, soon or after I will add the capability to read Xlsx files.

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